Testimonials from practitioners and patients regarding Neuroacupuncture and the NAI Comprehensive Training in Neuroacupuncture. Click on the videos below to meet graduates of the Level I training. Scroll down to read testimonials from training participants and patients.

Meet Dr. Natasha Wells, Graduate of the Level I Training, June 2017

Meet Dr. Ted Gannon, Graduate of the Level I training, October 2017

Meet Dr. Alysia Anderson, Graduate of the Level I training, October 2017

“I gotta say…I woke up feeling 80% of my old self…figured I would test Dr. Hao…just did 2 miles running…feel fine. Crazy! I haven’t been able to do that in years, so whatever he is teaching…master it!      Patient

“Dr. Hao—I took your workshop this past weekend. I just used your neuro-acupuncture on my patient with shoulder pain. She has not felt this good in 2 years! She was crying because she felt such relief. Thank you for teaching us how to use this technique to reduce suffering. I am a believer!”      Molly D.

“I am so grateful and amazed by the impact of Neuroacupuncture! After the Level I training, I could immediately put my new skills to work in my practice. I’m already seeing results in my patients and have dedicated a full page on our website to this incredible method. Thank you NAI!”  ~ Karli P.                               

“I was already impressed with what I learned while I was at the training.  I’ve been even more impressed once I got home and back into the clinic.  I have already used the Neuroacupuncture on more than 20 people and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive!  In addition to the actual new information I received I think I really had a huge benefit in my confidence and ability to integrate after attending the training.  It was nice to come back and have the opportunity to start putting into practice right away after 5 days of immersion.”  ~Stephen C.

Thanks to Jason and Linda Hao so much from my heart. The beautiful sunset in June in New Mexico – the NAI first training program is hotter than the sun! Besides learning scalp acupuncture, also explored western medicine neurology, neuroscience and brain projection area on the scalp surface. The class absolutely helped to expand my thinking and field of integrating western and Chinese medicine together. Every day, Dr. Hao and Dr. Shi themselves demonstrate with patients and students get to practice with supervision. They share everything they know – not holding anything back. You believe it when you see it. Thanks to Dr. Hao and their great team for providing high level education and good quality study opportunity for all of us. ~ Honji J, Beijing University