Course Instructors


Neuroacupuncture Level one: Basic scalp acupuncture – 16 hours
Jason Hao, Linda Hao, Zhizhong Nan, David Canzone, Brian McCanze

Neuroacupuncture Level two: Advanced scalp acupuncture – 8 hours
Jason Hao

Neuroacupuncture Level three: Peripheral nerve acupuncture – 8 hours
Jason Hao, TBA

Neurology4 hours
Richard Skurlar, Robert Furlong

Neurological Examination4 hours
Robert Furlong, Richard Skurla

Neurological physical therapy4 hours
Anna Will

Nutrition for Nervous System4 hours
Sunil Pai

Advanced Acupuncture Technique4 hours
Erqiang Li, Xian Shi

Acupuncture Balance Method4 hours
Zhizhong Nan

Case Report4 hours
David Riley, Gunver Kienle

Chinese Herbs for Neurological condition
John Scott

Tongue acupuncture
Xian Shi

Neuroacupuncture Research
Xian Shi, Yuanzheng Sun, David Riley

Taiji & Qigong2-4 hours
Michael DeMarcus, David Brown, Jimmy Wong

Yoga – 2 hours

Indian Breathing Exercise2 hours
Gurubachen Klalsa

Education and exercise for Special-aid children
Sueann Butler

Psychology in Chinese Medicine
Joseph Yang

Treatment of Anxiety and Depression
Yuxin He

Clinical supervisors
Jason Hao, Linda Hao, Zhizhong Nan, Erqiang Li, Sunil Pai, David Canzone, John Scott, Chris Butler, Charles Meyer, Tong Xin