Obtain certification and specialization in Neuroacupuncture!

The exciting field of neuroacupuncture is in the early stages of development. The Neuro-Acupuncture Institute is pleased to offer the first comprehensive training program in the field. Be among the pioneers of this emerging field by starting your journey toward certification in our next class, April 6-10, 2018 presented in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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The Comprehensive Training in Neuroacupuncture Program includes two training tracks: Module One for doctors of oriental medicine and licensed acupuncturists and Module Two for physicians with western medicine education backgrounds. Each module has three levels of training. Each level has a five-day intensive class, which introduces neuroacupuncture to you through didactic material, demonstration of techniques, detail discussion of treatments for many neurological disorders, and clinical experience for participants. Demonstration and hands-on segments cover needling technique and stimulation of needles on your classmates. The clinical observation and discussion gives students unusual opportunities to witness Dr. Hao’s clinical expertise through the treatments of many kinds of challenging neurological conditions.

Teaching in Houston, Texas

Teaching in Orlando, Florida

Teaching in Montreal, Canada

March 2017 Workshop – Washington, DC