About the Institute

Neuro-Acupuncture Institute (NAI) is a non-profit organization.

The Neuro-Acupuncture Institute, Inc. is an integrated medicine institute dedicated to clinical training and treatment of neurological disorders in an integrative medical setting. The Corporation shall have a further purpose of raising public awareness about neuroacupuncture procedures and processes to promote education, training and research.

The board of directors:

Dr. Jason Hao, DOM, MBA, (Chair), Dr. Sunil Pai, MD, (Vice- chair), Justin Greene, MBA (Treasurer), Dr. Thomas Hodge, DOM (Secretary), Stephen Huber, Esq., Dr. David Riley, MD, Dr. David Canzone, DOM, Dr. John Scott, DOM, Helen Heekin, Dr. Linda Hao, DOM, Ph.D.,                 Dr. Zhizhong Nan, DOM, Ph.D.